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Murray State

I am a avid Murray State fan and love their ranking but to be a down to earth person they are the smallest top 10 or 15 pending on the poll team in the country. Aska needs to be healthy for a deep run into the tourney and if not they will be a sweet sixteen team then. Cannon is a future NBA prospect and its not unheard of Murray State to have pros either. Popeye Jones led the NBA in rebounds a few times during his playing days and he is a Murray State product. There are others who went to Europe and have scoring records and other accolades there. I would take the 89 Murray team over this one because that team would dominate the paint over this Murray team. The only thing helping Murray hype this year is that their is an ESPN 3 and U unlike in the 80s and early 90s. If you also want to see about former Murray coaches look at Cincinnati and Texas A&M. Murray overall is a great program with a rich history but it is such a small team in a even smaller conference. Murray state's head coach this year is a first time head coach and yet he has yet to lose a game and got a Top PG to come to Murray State. The coach transition this time around went alot smoother than with Cronin leaving and taking some of the best players with him or them transefering out. Kennedy was a great coach and the only reason he left Murray was because he went back to A&M because it was his first school to give him a shot and he is an alum

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Skip Bayless said it best when sayin that Tebow wont be a conventiional NFL QB. Which hinders tebow with his Coach being one of the most conventional coaches in the game, as well of the teams VP who was the choosen one for the Broncos and a drop back qb. Tebow is a shotgun hurry up qb. Look at the first series against the Lions where he drove it down the field with ease and woulda had TD had the right call been made. I believe it would have been a kept the unconvetional had the Broncos had 7 not 3 off that drive and the lions not have a wide open Titus Young for a quick 7. After that first drive Fox went back to the conventional old school play. Also the whole Tebowing thing. If people are doing that pose b/c of him then its for the all the wrong reasons. Tebow does it to give glory to God not because its for any other reason. The lions and the media making fun of a man for praying is disrespectful and upsets me. It should upset all Christians for that matter
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Posted on: April 26, 2011 5:10 pm

Denver's Draft

The Broncos is sitting there with the number two draft. There is a good chance of them drafting DT Marcell Dareus from alabama, thsre is just a good of chance of Von Miller the LB bein drafted at number two, as well as Peterson the best overall player in the draft. Here is another possiblity they TRADE DOWN FROM NUMBER TWO this draft is full of talent for defence and Denver can get a strong DT in the middle of the round and get a 3rd and or 4th round pick(s) which they lack and help draft solid performers in those round. The main things Denver does not need is a QB, WR, OL, i know they have Knoshon Moreno but the back ups are decent at best, a 2nd or 3rd round back would help improve the run game tremedosly.The TE spot is shaky now but they could get a phneomal one in the kid from ND All the other needs are major on the Defesive front. The D line has been awful for atleast four years it is full of under achivers. The LB core is solid just missing a peice, everyone seemed to forget that Evlis was gone for the season which hurt the D majorily, they are deep at CB but idk i was mad when they drafted Alphoso Smith two years ago when they could have drafted Ray Maualuga in the 2nd round and then their LB core would be solid and not even be a problem but chaulk that up to Josh McDaniels which costed a 1st round pick for a 2nd round pick that hasnt done anything. S is getting old but they are still playing at a high level so look for a possible second round choice to be a saftey as well.
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Why I Love the NFL

Like last season most of the so called "experts" predicted the Broncos and Chiefs in the bottom of the AFC West and now the Cheifs are leading the Division and i would say the Broncos are second (The Chargers lost to the Seahawks and the Broncos beat the Seahawks). The Broncos are first in the league in passing with out Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall. The Rams are 2-2 and the 49ers are winless. The Rams need one more win to have what they have won the past two years combined. What we are learning from this season after only four weeks is that no one really know how the season will start or play out. The Colts are in the bottom of their divivsion.
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I owe Josh McDaniels an apology

I, like many Denver fans, was upset with this off season by losing Jay Cutler and almost losing Brandon Marshall due to our new head coach. Though now I'm glad we have Orton because he knows how to win games and can win games. Orton unlike Cutler will take his time down field and give the D time to rest and win Denver's game late. Orton wasn't as good with the Bears because they had no real stars on offense, sure Forte but it was Forte's rookie season. Now in Denver Orton has receivers who can play and some bad passes will be caught due to Marshall's ability of bein a All-Pro recevier. Larry Fitzgerald can make bad passes look great and Warner doesn't get critized like Orton does. The Broncos are 4-0 and with McDaniels things look brighter than they ever were from this offseason. The hiring of Mike Nolan never got alot of press but that man knows how to make a denfense play. At the 49ers he was working on building a D because he couldn't really help the offense because it was supposed to be Alex Smith, Frank Gore, and Vernon Davis. The 49er D is now a force to recon with and they are young too. I would like to apologize for doubting McDaniels and he has a bright future just by the turnaround in the first four games.

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Steve McNair

Looking on the site there are many discussions on wether the incident about McNair has in going in the Hall of Fame or not.  Most people are, in my opinion mocking a man that played with more heart than most any other player. If heart counted as a stat in the HoF he would most denifintly be a 1st ballot. Coaches and players alike would agree that McNair played with more heart then anyone else played one their team. The man not only gave it all to his team but he gave back to his communtiy more than most players, i know there are some that also give alot back as well, he even started a resturant in downtown nashville with nothing costing more that $10.95. That is so anyone can come and eat there and meet this once great player in the NFL. I aslo believe if it wasnt for injury he would still be playing but that happens to players who gives it all on the field they tend to have shortend carriers due to injuries. I'm not saying anything bout him carrying teams i am just saying the man gave it all out there on the field. When I found out about him being shot I was stunned b/c I still have a poster up in my room of "Air McNair" and i have his rookie card as well. I'm talking about a man that i grew up watching in the NFL and to have people mock him is disgusting. The man was respected by all that played with him, against him, coached against, coached and met.
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